Customer Satisfaction

Kansas Bee Farm aims to provide quality bees and products to ALL of our customers. Unfortunately, we recognize that from time to time, we may fall short of our customers' expectations. To help hold ourselves accountable, we have adopted the following Policy.

Bee Guarantees and Return Policy

Kansas Bee Farm LLC makes the following Guarantees. - Each Nuc or Package will have been treated for Varroa prior to delivery of the product to our Customers. - Each Nuc Will contain 3 or more frames of healthy bees. - Each Nuc will contain one queen that has been bred, accepted by the colony, and is able to lay eggs. - Each Nuc will be assembled with three frames of brood, one resource frame (Pollen/ Honey) and one frame that can be in different stages of being constructed. Due to the age of the developing bees, it is recognized that three frames of brood may not exist at the time of pickup. Each Customer has the right and obligation to inspect the Nuc or Bee Product at the time of the exchange to ensure they meet their expectations and are as described. There are various styles in Beekeeping, and we will try to be a resource for all of our customers, but it is our customers responsibility to educate themselves in beekeeping best practices and to responsibly care for the bees once they take ownership of them. If during the inspection, the customer is not satisfied with the product and Kansas Bee Farm cannot produce a replacement product to the satisfaction of the customer, Kansas Bee Farm will issue a full refund to the Customer. Kansas Bee Farm will not issue refunds, in full or partial, after the Customer has taken ownership of the Nuc or Bee Product.

Delivery Schedule

Kansas Bee farm will make every attempt to accurately forecast and communicate with our customers, the delivery timeline and impacts to them. It is understood that availability can be impacted by many factors outside of our control. Events such as Weather, Vandalism, supply chain issues. This could cause the availability to shift several weeks ahead of or behind the Targeted Availability dates. In the event that the Target Availability Date is impacted, Kansas Bee Farm will work with each Customer to ensure they are aware of the impacts and will work toward a revised schedule that the products will be available. Each Customer acknowledges that the schedule could move and will work with Kansas Bee Farm on the revised schedule. If Kasas Bee Farm cannot deliver a product that meets the customers satisfaction within 30 days of the originally scheduled availability date, Kansas Bee Farm will issue a full refund of any moneys paid by the Customer.

Deposits & Reservations

We understand that life happens and doesn't always go as planned. In the event that you no longer wish to proceed with your order and cancel greater than 30 days prior to the scheduled availability date, Kansas Bee Farm will issue you a refund in the amount paid less the deposit. In the event that you wish to cancel less than 30 days of the scheduled availability date, Kansas Bee Farm will issue you a store credit less the deposit. Kansas Bee Farm is working hard to drive a more affordable marketplace. Unfortunately, we will not be refunding deposits for our Bee Products once an order is placed.


By ordering our products, you understand and agree to the conditions of this Policy and shall not hold Kansas Bee Farm accountable for the survival or productivity of the purchased Bee Products after you have taken ownership of the Bee Product. Bee Product shall have the meaning of: Any live bee product to include, Cells, brood frames, Queen bees, any stage of bee development, or any combination thereof that is or could be sold by Kansas Bee Farm LLC.