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Kansas Bee Farm is a Veteran Owned and Family ran, for profit, business. After I left the Navy, in 2005, I was afforded a great career opportunity in the Power Generations and Transmission industry in which I am still employed. My wife Laurie and I and our oldest son Nick have traveled from state to state over my career and ended up moving to Lawrence Kansas in 2009 when my Dad, for health reasons, had to have his leg surgically removed. Moving to Lawrence is quite an interesting turn of events as Laurie was actually born at Lawrence Memorial. Her family moved to California shortly after birth. Laurie and I couldn't have kids of our own but in 2017, God gave Laurie and I the opportunity to adopt two awesome twin girls, Jessica and Kayleigh. Around 2020, my dad got into hobby beekeeping. He swore year after year he was not going to get any more hives, you know how that goes. Each year he nearly doubled his hives and in 2023 he got up to around 40. Seeing this and doing some reading on the Bee business really got me intrigued. I was very hesitant at first because, seriously, who likes to get stung? I know this guy doesn't, it just isn't normal. But the more I thought about it, the more this idea and passion grew on me. Through 2023, I was able to procure a few boxes and an extractor from Overbrook, KS (Richard and his late wife and BEEK Linda Hummel) and some more equipment from Fremont, NE. Then later in the spring/ summer of 2023, my dad got a call from an executor of Koelzer Bee Farm on behalf of Teri Koelzer who was interested in selling their equipment. Another great BEEK has fallen. I want to give my respects to the entire Hummel and Koelzer family, we hope to continue your traditions and live up to your standards. We are now aggressively building up our Operational Capabilities and Brand in the state of Kansas. We currently own 150 Colonies and looking to grow substantially in 2024. We are actively seeking local farmers and producers' partnerships to enhance crop yields as well as help local honey producers get their honey to bigger markets.
Let me know how we did and Ill add your feedback here.
Let me know how we did and Ill add your feedback here.
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or here :)


Our address
5744 SE 101st Street, Berryton Ks 66409